Remote Viewing and Energy Healing are amongst the cutting-edge of non-invasive, alternative medicine practices of the 21st century. Based on a cutting-edge research program lavishly funded by the US Government (Project Stargate) remote viewing evolved along protocols of application which allow specific targets to be met each time it is put into practice.

Matthew Brownell has been a remote viewing proponent and practitioner for more than 30 years. His alternative therapies and massage treatment practice at the heart of Manchester (UK) has seen luminaries and rock stars pass through its clientele and leaving singing their praises regarding the efficacy of the treatment.

In Seeing is Healing Matthew, for the first time, distils his experience as a practitioner into a book designed to open your eyes and enrich your mind on the possibilities of energy healing. "We are connected to the universe through energy connections which most of us ignore and which few of us will ever understand," says Matthew, "with Seeing is Healing you will get the chance to try some of this yourself as well as learn a little about the underlying theory".

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