Have you ever woken and found that your body feels as though it really wants to stretch? Well, you should do because our body is specifically designed to ease tension and move on toxicity and tissue fluid within the body by the application of stretch. Stretching is a normal reflex we should all do when we wake. If you were to look at a cat, each time the cat arises from sleeping its first desire is to stretch and we all know how agile and flexible a cat is.

When we stretch we have to use groups of muscles which may not suit all individuals – regardless if they have been in specific postures through Yoga techniques or similar practices. Many Yoga practitioners, sports men and women, as well as non active persons may have sore inflamed muscles because it is the nature of muscle to tear on a very small level so it can stretch. The tearing is actually normal but continuous tear will result in problems and the yoga student would have to keep up their practice so as to keep the feeling of congestion away.

I am not suggesting that Yoga is bad for you but obviously Yoga involves a lot of stretching therefore the congestion I am talking of can and does block chakra (chakras are energy centres within the body) energy for yoga practitioners and with this treatment it is possible to open these centres so as to allow the energy to flow.

The situation doesn’t get any better for non active and especially sport persons. How many people do you see who don’t stand up straight and we all know how short a career a footballer or similar sportsman may have. The person who may not stand upright or has a bad posture will be pulled a certain way by their muscles. The same with a sports man or woman. Tight muscle and soft tissues will without doubt pull a bone or joint a certain direction, this in turn may cause wear and tear within the joint.

Basically all stretching is an active movement

Your muscles have to work to get to the desired length or stretch. A better stretch would be where someone pushes your limbs and body so that your muscles are not actually working. This is called a passive stretch but this also has restrictions and may create problems with muscle tissue.

The Ultimate Stretch Treatment and Body Listening will quite literally stretch your tissues, specifically your viscera. The difference with this treatment compared to any other, is that the practitioner knows exactly where to move a body part or limb so as to stretch the particular part of congestion.


A patient came in to see Matt with a limp, she was over 60 years old, never done Yoga or much of any kind of stretch. She lay on the couch and Matt assisted her body to a position. A position her own body knew was correct to alleviate the problem. In this instance the patient ended up with her feet completely over her head and even touching the floor.

The amazing thing was she felt completely at ease with it because she could feel it was her own body taking her there. This alleviates the problem because it was a stretch that the body was compliant with and not one that was being forced upon the patient. The therapist basically has to be a good body listener so as to know which direction the body needs to go. This will result in some amazing stretches.