Under stress the body follows a specific set of responses. Outside stress can come to you from many angles that you may not be aware of. This may give you the impression that you are not really stressed because it is so insidious. You may not be aware of some of the physiological changes in the body when we become stressed as these cannot always be controlled. Please take a couple of minutes to look at some of the intricate changes that take place within the body as shown on the flow chart.

Outside influences could be something as simple as a red light when rushing home, dead lines or an unpaid bill etc. Although this may not always appear stressful to some, a myriad of internal and conditioned actions are taking place.

At this point outside intervention is needed if the cycle is not broken. Your body is very clever and normally lets you know the cycle needs breaking by presenting with pain from it’s weakest link, such as stomach pain, headaches or back ache. All symptoms are signs of the stress building up in your body.

Remember, even sitting can be stressful to a body that has congested tissue or a misaligned structure. In essence you may say it takes a lot of energy and effort from the body to stay congested, stressed and at worse in pain.

A maintenance treatment can sometimes and most often include several treatments rolled into one pending on the patient at that particular time. Your therapist will ask a few general questions to gain an idea on how you are feeling. A set routine has been developed by Matthew Brownell to include several treatment types designed specifically to give you a complete De-stress Treatment / body maintenance.