Suspect you may have food intolerance’s? Or do you have niggling symptoms that you suspect may be due to the foods you are eating?

Sometimes we cannot pinpoint exactly what is causing that irritating headache or ongoing bloating feeling after eating. Food intolerance can contribute to a number of symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating, tiredness, migraines, digestive complaints, skin conditions or joint pain. Taking the First Step food intolerance test is the simple, fast and affordable way to find out if you have food intolerance.

Now at stress solutions clinic you can have a test that checks all or any intolerance’s as well as hormone levels and the amount of toxicity in the body. Have a listen to ou practitioner talk about this ingenious piece of kit called the B.E.S.T. machine.

Please take a moment to listen to the B.E.S.T. machine practitioner on the video bekow, Keith will be at The Manchester practice STRESS SOLUTIONS on select days please email him for an appointment at:-


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…the scientific approach to health screening

The BEST System (Bio-Energetic Stress Testing) represents the very latest in health screening technology. The system is fast, comprehensive and accurate. What is more, it is non-invasive and painless. There is no waiting around before you get the results – a detailed computer printout is available as soon as screening is completed, so both patient and practitioner know the situation immediately.

The BEST system has the ability to screen hundreds of items for sensitivities under many categories. For example, it takes only 20 minutes to test for intolerance to 100 foods. It can also screen for vitamin and mineral status . Supplements can then be added into the circuit, if necessary, to determine which will bring the body back into balance.


The natural balance of energy and temperature of a healthy human is constant. The body will always try to regulate it back to the same point. Just as a thermometer is used to read temperature, in the BEST System, a highly sensitive galvanometer is used to monitor variations in the energy resistance of the human body.

The body’s bio-system consists of acupuncture control points on the hands and feet, with ‘control’ or primary points on each meridian. A balanced reading for normal (healthy) acupuncture points is 100,000 ohms. Although based on acupuncture, the BEST System measures the points by pressing as in acupressure, rather than the skin penetration of acupuncture. This is an important feature of the BEST System’s non-invasive design.

Using the system, the operator applies a blunt probe to the skin surface at the acupuncture points on the client’s hands. The machine sends a very small electronic signal (5 volts @ 30 micro amps) through the skin, via the system’s positive and negative contacts. The client feels only the sensation of the probe touching the skin. Readings indicating the individual’s reaction are recorded by the computer as each point is measured.

Evaluations can then be made for changes in eating patterns and/or taking dietary supplements.

Toxicity is a major contributor to physical and mental illness and as such must be recognised and treated before more traditional holistic treatments can work effectively.

The revolutionary toxicity testing programme identifies areas of bioenergetic toxicity and incorporates the use of advanced de-tox and drainage remedies to neutralise toxins and eliminate them from your body. These contain specific combinations of herbs, plant bud extracts, flower essences, sarcodes and enzymes. These remedies are taken as drops from a bottle usually twice a day for a month at a time. The price of remedies and supplements is not included in your screening fee.

The BEST System is used for FUNCTIONAL health evaluation & will NOT DIAGNOSE any specific diseases.