With visceral manipulation and cranial sacral therapy (Samato Emotional Release), relief can be given to the root core of muscular back pain or any structural body pain or imbalance.

Visceral manipulation may also have an effect on suppressed emotions and blocked energy which, when left could cause physical symptoms. Emotions and thought can and do affect our bodies and it may sound strange but emotion can be stored as a memory within the body cells.


Just so you understand the power of thought over your body here is an example. Imagine yourself on a beach and you are very thirsty, there is no water about the place so you walk back to your apartment feeling very thirsty. Once inside you go to the fridge to get some water, only to find that the only thing you have in there is a lemon already cut into quarters. So because you are thirsty (now imagine this bit) you grab a piece of the lemon and bite right into it. This thought process normally gets your salivary glands working and this shows instantly the power of the thought process working on your body, some of you reading may even become thirsty.


Each day we have over 60,000 thoughts which isn’t so surprising, what may be surprising to some though is that most of these thoughts we had yesterday and the day before, so we may have become stuck into a repeating pattern. Now think for a moment if you will of a time when you consistently felt down or uplifted.

Depending on your feelings at this time your outlook may well have been influenced by your thought process so when you were down you may have kept on telling yourself and others that you felt tired, also you may have dragged your feet on the floor or lowered your head as you walked. Conversely when you felt good and confident your shoulders were held back and you had lots of energy. So you can see that thought patterns can affect your postural patterns.

This may explain why some people have so called chronic conditions. Another way emotions can become trapped within the tissue is when someone takes an impact; for instance in a car crash or a fall. If, at the same time they were feeling negative in some way, such as angry, sad, depressed or frightened about someone or something, there is a danger of this negative emotion becoming trapped within the tissue. In these instances your body is in a self perpetuating cycle. i.e. your mind starts to affect your body and vice versa and this needs intervention of some type to break the cycle.

After a visceral treatment some times you may have an emotional lift or a spontaneous release of some type. It’s not uncommon for people to explain they have had some unusual experience after their treatment, like they may have slept longer than they have done for years or when they got home they became emotional and more or less talkative. There are lots of different signs for a physical emotional release not all of them are apparent but these nevertheless are changes or breaks in a cycle.